Hope United Methodist Church
Friday, September 21, 2018
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Our 2012-2013
All Saints' Day Saints
Patty Barge
Ruth Bingeman
Jane Boyd
Elias Calhoun
Victor Christie
David Compton
Franky Frankfort
Marie Garner
Barry Gockley
Whitey Hackman
Jim Hornberger
Charles Johnson
Claire Leake
Samuel Long
Calvin Millisock
Michael Mohn
Colleen Nesbitt
Mabel Newman
Howard Olver
Chester Overly
Marianna Pirrung
Rose Rice
Jennie Rutt
Joyce Rutt
Dakota Schnettler
Willia Mae Sheetz
Christine Shuey
Evelyn Slabach
Elizabeth Snelbaker
Donald Strohl
Paul Unangst
 Howard Weidman
Donald West

Saints * 2013

2013 All Saints' Day ~ Observed Sunday, November 3rd
All Saints' Day is the first day of November and is observed the first Sunday of November.

This is a day to remember the the saints, as meant by the biblical concept of all Christian people of every time and place. (Ephesians 2:17-22)

We celebrate the communion of saints as we remember those who have returned home to our Heavenly Father since the previous All Saints' Day ... our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world and more specifically, the friends and family of our congregation.
Click on a photo or underlined name for their obituary or memory page. Church members are in color.
* The links to the obituaries of 2013 may or may not work in 2014 or thereafter. *
Our Saints of 2013
Christine Shuey ~ Mother of Evie Kline ~ October 29
Claire Leake ~ Niece of Janice Van Zant ~ October 28
Howard Olver ~ Father of Bishop Peggy Johnson ~ October 26
Colleen Nesbitt ~ Field Hockey Coach of Molly Kamide ~ October 20
Rose Rice ~ Member of our 60+ Group ~ October 17
Patty Barge ~ Aunt of Steve Smith ~ October 13
Calvin Millisock ~ Cousin of Doreen Deamer ~ September 21
Samuel Long, Jr. ~ Brother of Bettie Calhoun & Uncle of Peg Schannauer ~ August 22
Richard "Franky" Frankfort ~ Uncle of Jeanne Heft & Judy McGovern ~ August 20
Howard Weidman ~ Father of Doreen Deamer ~ August 17

Dakota Schnettler ~ Friend of Chris Helock ~ August 9
Jane Boyd ~ Grandmother of Debbie Boyd ~ July 23
Mabel Newman ~ June 14
Michael Mohn ~ Son of Harold Mohn ~ June 6
Donald Strohl ~ June 5
Chester Overly ~ Father of Larry Overly ~ April 26

Ruth Bingeman ~ Friend of Betty Good ~ April 18
Evelyn Slabach ~ Mother of Gerald Rankin ~ April 7
Marianna Pirrung ~ Acquaintance of Rev. James Garner, Jr. ~ March 7
Barry Gockley ~ Brother of Una Brower ~ March 3

Donald West ~ Friend of the McGoverns ~ January 18

Jennie Rutt ~ Mother of Nevin Rutt ~ January 16

David Compton ~ Known to Krista McGovern ~ January 11

Marie Garner ~ Mother of Rev. James Garner, Jr. ~ January 10

Carl "Whitey" Hackman ~ Brother of Ron Hackman ~ January 6
Paul Unangst ~ Father of Rev. Dave Unangst (Salem UMC) ~ January 6

Elizabeth Snelbaker ~ Aunt of Martha Smith ~ January 2

Elias Calhoun ~ Unborn child of Rev. and Mrs. Len Calhoun (Faith UMC) ~ Early January
Our Saints of 2012
Charles Johnson ~ Father of Kathy Johnson ~ December 31

Joyce Rutt ~ Wife of Nevin Rutt and Friend of the Gerharts & Lindbergs ~ December 7