Mother's Day Out

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Little Tykes


*Must be 18 months at time of enrollment

*Must be able to self-feed and drink from a sippy cup (no bottles)

*Must be walking


Children in our Little Tykes Program are exposed to the social readiness skills that help prepare them for preschool. Social readiness skills include: separation from a caregiver, interacting with same-age peers, following one-step directions, and language development.

Program Details

MDO Little Tykes is offered as a one or two day program and is available on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9am-12pm. There is a 10-student maximum enrollment. 

Big Kids


* Suggested starting age of 2.5 years on or before September 1st

* Must be able to self-feed and drink from a cup/sippy cup

* Must be able to walk

* Potty Training NOT required


Children in our Big Kids program are exposed to the classroom readiness skills and pre-academic skills that will help them prepare for our preschool program. Specific skills include: separation from a caregiver, following directions, working in small and large learning groups, self-help/care skills, following a classroom routine and exposure to academic skills. 

Program Details

MDO Big Kids is offered as a two day program and is available on Wednesday's and Friday's from 9am-1pm. There is a 12-student maximum enrollment. 

Meet the MDO Crew

Mrs. Shannon Brown

Mrs. B has been a teacher at Hope Preschool for 20+ years and currently teaches the MDO class. Mrs. B graduated from Ephrata High School and earned her Assistant Group Supervisor Certificate from Lancaster County CTC. Mrs. B lives in Lititz with her her husband, two daughters, and a pet cat and dog. In her spare time, Mrs. B enjoys reading, crafts, cooking and spending time with family.

Mrs. Carol Hackman

Miss Carol is the Assistant Teacher in the MDO classroom, and previously served as a substitute in all of the Hope classrooms. Miss Carol earned her degree in Small Business Management from Hesston College. Miss Carol lives in Ephrata with her husband, Rob, their two daughters, and pet cats and rabbits. In her spare time, Miss Carol enjoys baking, sewing, crafting, gardening, watching movies, going to the beach, and spending time with family.

Program Pricing

MDO Little Tykes

 Tuesday's and Thursday's 9am-12pm  

One day per week  $95.00/month

Two days per week  $165.00/month

MDO Big Kids

Wednesday's and Friday's


Two days per week $195.00/month


Hope United Methodist Church

3474 Rothsville Road

Ephrata, PA 17522

(717) 738-3774

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