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Thank you for joining us on October 17 to hear Part 2 from Pastor Scott's message series "On the Wall."

"Taking Risks" - Nehemiah 2:1-10

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Message Series:  On the Wall

The Book of Nehemiah focuses on Israel’s rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Despite opposition and pain, the Israelites saw firsthand how God fulfilled His promises spoken to Jeremiah during the exile. The title “On The Wall” is based off of this key scripture in Nehemiah 6:3: “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down.” God invites all of us to be about our Heavenly Father’s business and build His kingdom. The Ezra Nehemiah story begins with great hope. The Israelites return from exile and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. Sadly, the story ends with disappointment. The temple is neglected and God’s law is ignored. However, this tragic disappointment isn’t the end of the story! Lasting change and everlasting hope are coming through Jesus Christ. Staying on the wall is for all of us. We can’t come down because we are doing a great work for the kingdom of God. How do we stay on the wall? We learn how to truly seek God, take risks, work together, overcome opposition, experience spiritual renewal and accept that there will always be setback in this life until the King of Kings returns a second time to establish His eternal kingdom!

1. September 26 – Part 1: "SeekingGod” (Nehemiah 1)

2. October 17 – Part 2: "Taking Risks” (Nehemiah 2:1-10)

3. October 24 – Part 3: "Working Together” (Nehemiah 2:11-20)

4. October 31 – Part 4: "Overcoming Opposition” (Nehemiah 4, 6:3)

5. November 7 – Part 5: "Experiencing Renewal” (Nehemiah 8:1-18)

6. November 14 – Part 6: "Everlasting Hope” (Nehemiah 13)

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