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Wild Church

In partnership with Hope Meadow

Wondering and Walking Together

Wild Church is part of a growing movement in which we seek to recover our natural “roots” and take worship outside into our first and greatest sanctuary: creation itself.

Wild Church gatherings are not traditional worship services in an outdoor setting, but rather experiences that recognize the natural environment itself as a participant. We learn to identify God’s presence and activity in all things.

When we gather we are entering into relationship with nature.
We are here to re-member ourselves back where we belong.
We are here to restore a loving and kindred relation with the rest of the natural world, as spiritual practice.

You belong here. With the trees, and the stones and the flies and the birds and the weeds and grass.

You are a welcome part of the ecosystem.


Upcoming Gatherings

Oct 15 - 5pm at Hope Meadow with Cammy

 Nov 19 - watch for an earlier meeting time 

Any questions? Please contact Cammy Freed or Lisa Jean Hoefner.

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