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Wild Church

In partnership with Hope Meadow

Wondering and Walking Together

Next  Gatherings 

March 3 - with Mike Weber leading

April 21- Earth Day weekend

at 3pm

We cannot own the sunlit sky, the moon, the wildflowers growing, 

For we are part of all that I within life's river flowing.

With open hands, receive and share the gifts of God's creation, 

That all may have abundant life in every earthly nation. 

Wild Church is part of a growing movement in which we seek to recover our natural “roots” and take worship outside into our first and greatest sanctuary: creation itself. Our gatherings are not traditional worship services in an outdoor setting, but rather experiences that recognize the natural environment itself as a participant. We learn to identify God’s presence and activity in all things.

When we gather we are entering into relationship with nature.
We are here to re-member ourselves back where we belong.
We are here to restore a loving and kindred relation with the rest of the natural world, as spiritual practice.

You belong here -

with the trees, and the stones and the birds and the weeds and the grass.

You are a welcome part of the ecosystem.


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