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Rail Trail Church is experimenting in 2023 ... once-a-month gatherings with a new name and even more

“open hearts, open minds, outdoors” focus. We’ll now be known as:

Wild Church

In partnership with Hope Meadow

Wondering and Walking Together

We feel compelled by the love of God to invite people into deeper relationship with the sacred, to lead people out of buildings, and into the beloved community that includes the entire ecosystem.  

Wild Church is part of a growing movement in which we seek to recover our natural “roots” and take worship outside into our first and greatest sanctuary: creation itself.

Wild Church gatherings are not traditional worship services in an outdoor setting, but rather experiences that recognize the natural environment itself as a participant. We learn to identify God’s presence and activity in all things.

Wild Church communities are responding to a call from deep within to change the ways we relate to the natural world, moving "from a collection of objects, to a communion of subjects." (Thomas Berry)

Upcoming Gatherings

June 11

Field Trip to Akron MCC Welcoming Place

21 South 12th Street

Akron, PA 17501

July 16
Aug 13

Any questions? Please contact Cammy Freed or Lisa Jean Hoefner.

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