Our History

  • 1898 - Hope Church was established in Ephrata Borough as part of the Evangelical Association. It began in a reconstructed church building that had been dismantled in Palmyra, shipped by rail to Ephrata, and rebuilt on the corner of Washington Avenue and Marshall Street. A ceremony to lay the cornerstone was held in the nearby United Brethren Church due to the rainy weather!

  • 1926 - The original building was renovated and enlarged with an annex and a basement room at a cost of $10,500.

  • 1930 - Hope Church burned to the ground; the cause of the fire was uncertain. By the end of that year, a new church was built on the same site.

  • 1942 - The Evangelical Association merged with the United Brethren Church, creating the Evangelical United Brethren. Hope Church became known as Hope EUB.

  • 1968 - The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to form the United Methodist Church. Again, the sign on the church changed - to Hope UMC.

  • 1983 - Hope UMC moved to a new building at its current location on Rothsville Road.

  • 1993 - Hope Preschool was established.

  • 2018 - Hope Preschool celebrated their 25th anniversary in May 2018.

  • 2018 - Hope Church celebrated their 120th anniversary on October 30th!

A Century of Hope

Part 1


Kathleen Hacker Tinney and

Suzanne Hacker Fisher



Handbell Choir History


                                     In the spring of 1990 Rev. Barry Wolfe had a vision to begin a handbell choir, and new member Maggie Collogan stepped up to spearhead the fundraising effort to acquire a three-octave set of Schulmerich™ handbells. The congregation met the challenge with enthusiasm, and the bells were purchased within a month. Rev. Wolfe transferred to another church and his replacement, Rev. Steve Morton, continued with the plans. Rev. Morton and Mrs. Collogan organized two choirs:  The Genesis Ringers and The Bells of Hope.


In September 1990 the new ministry became a reality. The choirs eventually performed in worship services at least once a month, and we were fortunate to have the foundation leadership of Mrs. Collogan for four years. Today there is one choir, The Bells of Hope, with a dedicated group carrying on the beloved tradition.