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Our History

  • 1898 - Hope Church was established in Ephrata Borough as part of the Evangelical Association. It began in a reconstructed church building that had been dismantled in Palmyra, shipped by rail to Ephrata, and rebuilt on the corner of Washington Avenue and Marshall Street. A ceremony to lay the cornerstone was held in the nearby United Brethren Church due to the rainy weather!

  • 1926 - The original building was renovated and enlarged with an annex and a basement room at a cost of $10,500.

  • 1930 - Hope Church burned to the ground; the cause of the fire was uncertain. By the end of that year, a new church was built on the same site.

  • 1942 - The Evangelical Association merged with the United Brethren Church, creating the Evangelical United Brethren. Hope Church became known as Hope EUB.

  • 1968 - The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to form the United Methodist Church. Again, the sign on the church changed - to Hope UMC.

  • 1983 - Hope UMC moved to a new building at its current location on Rothsville Road.

  • 1993 - Hope Preschool was established.

  • 2018 - Hope Preschool celebrated their 25th anniversary in May 2018.

  • 2022 - Hope Church celebrates their 124th anniversary on October 30!

A Century of Hope

Part 1


Kathleen Hacker Tinney and

Suzanne Hacker Fisher


Handbell Choir History

In the spring of 1990 Rev. Barry Wolfe had a vision to begin a handbell choir, and new member Maggie Collogan stepped up to spearhead the fundraising effort to acquire a three-octave set of Schulmerich™ handbells. The congregation met the challenge with enthusiasm, and the bells were purchased within a month. Rev. Wolfe transferred to another church and his replacement, Rev. Steve Morton, continued with the plans. Rev. Morton and Mrs. Collogan organized two choirs:  The Genesis Ringers and The Bells of Hope.

In September 1990 the new ministry became a reality. The choirs eventually performed in worship services at least once a month, and we were fortunate to have the foundation leadership of Mrs. Collogan for four years. Today there is one choir, The Bells of Hope, with a dedicated group carrying on the beloved tradition. 


Image by Simon Berger

GPS Sermon Series
Have you ever found yourself completely lost? You were driving to a specific destination and along the way you took a wrong turn. Perhaps, you turned off the highway because you saw a sign for a gas station, only to discover that the gas station was abandoned. You drove several miles out of your way and made turns onto unfamiliar streets, but your sense of direction for the highway was absent. Thanks be to God for GPS!  You simply type in the address for where you want to go, listen to the person’s directions and boom, he or she takes you there.  Well, that’s not always true. In a lot of ways, we can get lost in our life. We need a GPS that clearly speaks to us and helps us navigate the sharp turns in life. For the next four weeks, we are going to be talking about a different GPS (Global Positioning System) that speaks crystal clear and will never fail us. It is called God’s Positioning System. It is designed to help you know where you’re at and where you’re going. 

 June 6: GPS - God's Positioning System - Part 1

 June 13: GPS - God's Positioning System - Part 2

 June 20: GPS - God's Positioning System - Part 3

 June 27: GPS - God's Positioning System - Part 4

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