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A New Addition to Hope Meadow

Spring is approaching fast, and Hope Meadow is already turning green. We were able to install an educational sign inviting Rail-to-Trail users to visit Hope Meadow. Last fall, we received the sign to post along the Rail-to-Trail inviting users to visit Hope Meadow and learn about native plants, pollinators, and birds in Hope Meadow. We received grants from Hardy Plant Society/Mid- Atlantic group, The Lancaster Sierra club, and a sponsor from American Beauties Native Plants. Unfortunately, in the fall, the temperatures dropped fast, and the conditions for installing the sign were unfavorable. As the temperatures started to rise as winter waned, Paul Trella installed the sign correctly. Take a stroll in Hope Meadow and see the sign!

If you have any questions or would like to have a guided meadow tour, please contact Cammy Freed at


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